Virtual Employee Appreciation Week

MONDAY, MAY 10, 2021 – FRIDAY, MAY 14, 2021

Michigan Medicine hosted a virtual employee appreciation week to recognize our faculty, staff, and volunteers who make our organization a great place to work and receive care. As we continue to face the challenges of COVID-19, this week is a great opportunity to take a moment to focus on our employees and their physical, mental and psychological health.

All faculty and staff are invited to participate in any of the programming an activities available below. Click on "Watch Now" to view any of the recorded sessions. Make sure to complete the registration link within the video description to be entered into win a prize. 

Everyone who registers will be eligible to be entered into a drawing for prizes.

If you’re missing the sweet treats of our annual Employee Appreciation Day, so are we! Thanks to our partners at Aramark, take a moment to try these tasty recipes at home.

No Bake Oatmeal Energy Balls

Edamame and Corn Salad with Oregano Vinaigrette



MONDAY, MAY 10, 2021

Zumba                                                                                  Watch NowMonday, May 10, 12 - 12:30 p.m.                                        
Instructor: Colleen Greene, MHealthy

Get your tennis shoes on and get ready to have some fun with Zumba dance fitness! Anyone can do it - just drop in and enjoy a fun workout!


Prioritizing Self-Care
Monday, May 10, 2 – 2:30 p.m.                                             Watch Now
Instructor: Amy Brown, Leadership Development & DEI

We often hear “take care of yourself,” yet when life gets stressful or our calendars get full, we tend to push aside the basics of good self-care. This micro-learning session will explore some challenges and barriers that many face when it comes to prioritizing self-care, examine why it’s a vital thing to make time for, and provide various resources for stress management, including tips for fitting self-care into busy schedules. Videos from LinkedIn Learning and many resources that can be referenced after the session at no cost from various departments across U-M will be included. 


TUESDAY, MAY 11, 2021

Yoga: Stretch and Relax
Tuesday, May 11, 9:30 - 10 a.m.                                            Watch Now
Instructor: Peggy Wright, MHealthy

Give yourself the gift of time to focus within.  You deserve this 30 minutes to focus on you, relax, stretch, breathe deeply and re-energize your body, mind and soul. Peggy will lead you through several yoga movements and mindful breathing for this 30 minutes, from Sun Salutation to Shavasana. All are welcome.


Rock Your LinkedIn Profile
Tuesday, May 11, 11 a.m. – 12 p.m.                                     Watch Now
Instructor:  Jen Jortner Cassidy, LinkedIn

Looking to expand your social network or build an attention grabbing LinkedIn profile? Whether you are just starting, seeking to advance or make a career change, this webinar can help. Get recommendations for building an all-star profile that tells your professional story.


Gifts of Art Concert: Jazz/Swing, Bluegrass and New Acoustic
Tuesday, May 11, 12 – 1 p.m.                                               Watch Now

Performers:  Grant Flick & Friends

Gifts of Art presents jazz/swing, bluegrass & new acoustic music by Grant Flick & Friends. Grant Flick, of Bowling Green, Ohio, plays, performs and teaches on violin, mandolin and tenor guitar. He has received numerous music awards including the 2013 Daniel Pearl Memorial Violin, and he was a 2015 finalist in the Walnut Valley Festival Fiddle Competition in Winfield, Kansas. Flick is currently attending the University of Michigan studying Jazz Performance. For this concert, he will be joined by members of some of his musical groups.



Guided Meditation
Wednesday, May 12, 7:30 – 8 a.m.                                       Watch Now
Instructor: Wendy Dolan-Morawa, MHealthy

Join Wendy from MHealthy for guided meditation. Wendy will help you to tap into internal peace and calm to help you manage the stressors in our lives.


"Becoming": A personal journey to create more meaningful connections
Wednesday, May 12, 2 – 3 p.m.                                            Watch Now
Instructors: LaTonya Berryhill, Nicole Bonomini & Mark Cantrell, MICHR

The "Becoming" activity is centered on personal storytelling, self-reflection, & honest vulnerability in the DEI space and provides an opportunity to learn more about our colleagues and the impact that DEI has on their lives. Using a Q&A interviewing approach to begin the conversation, facilitators will help interviewees speak to their own experiences in the DEI journey & create more meaningful connections through open conversation. This is designed as a 1-hour session, beginning with the conversation and storytelling portion, and ending with a larger group discussion.


Becoming a Virtual Moderator
Wednesday, May 12, 3 – 4 p.m.                                           
Instructor: Molly Trusty, Organizational Learning

The role of a virtual moderator is vital and ensures a seamless experience for the participants. As a moderator you will learn how to manage participants in your sessions while providing an interactive experience. You will gain experience through helpful tools, practice sessions, and shadowing colleagues. 


 THURSDAY, MAY 13, 2021

Gifts of Art Concert: Chamber Music
Thursday, May 13, 12 – 1 p.m.                                              Watch Now
Gifts of Art presents Chamber Music by Vox3Machina Duo. The name Vox3Machina references the group’s commitment to explore together both the vocal expressivity and mechanistic frontiers of their instruments, through new and established repertoire. Kathryn Goodson, piano, is an international performer, teacher and coach of both vocal and instrumental repertoires. For this performance, she will be joined by either saxophonist Timothy McAllister or bass trombonist Randall Hawes, who both enjoy remarkable careers on orchestral, chamber music and festival stages as well as recording studios throughout the world, and are master teachers at renowned institutions.


The Power of Gratitude: A Conversation

Thursday, May 13, 1 - 2 p.m.                                              Watch Now                       
Instructor: Michael Herrington, Office of Health, Equity & Inclusion

Please come and participate in a conversation of the power of gratitude and its catalyst energy to create a culture of support, inclusion, healing, and appreciation!  We will share practice and resources that will not only help work teams, but us as individuals as well.


Goal Setting Workshop: How to use SMART Goals
Thursday, May 13, 3 – 4 p.m.                                                 Watch Now
Instructor: Stephen Camarata, Organizational Learning

This interactive workshop will give you the opportunity to plan ahead by considering what success will look like for you in the coming year. You will leave with a draft of a specific measurable goal and tips for having a discussion and reaching agreement with your team and/or your leader. 


FRIDAY, MAY 14, 2021

Difficult Conversations
Friday, May 14, 10:30 a.m. – 12 p.m.                                Watch Now
Instructors: Brian Cole and Stephen Camarata, Organizational Learning

In this micro-learning session, a tried-and-true approach for having difficult conversations will be used. We will demonstrate how to begin challenging conversations and move the conversation forward in a collaborative way. You will learn, try and apply this approach to real life scenarios.


Gifts of Art

  • Kaleidoscope Coloring Book: View this vital patient resource and download coloring pages to reset and relax.
  • Hamsa Hands: The ancient hamsa symbol of an open right palm is considered a sign of protection and good fortune.  Many faiths see it as a symbol of prosperity, peace and happiness.  For your FREE Hamsa Hand art kit, video, pick-up, and artwork sharing instructions, visit: .


  • Resource Coach: Free, confidential service for all U-M Faculty & Staff. We take the guesswork out of navigating the system and link you to the right resources at U-M and in your community.
  • Virtual Exercise & Relaxation Classes: These classes are a great way to get moving, increase your physical fitness, and relieve stress. We offer 10-12 live classes a week and every class is archived after the live class has completed.

The Wellness Office

  • About The Wellness Office: The Wellness Office works with leadership and key partners across Michigan Medicine to identify and improve workplace well-being for our faculty, staff and learners while achieving our missions of patient care, education and research.