Fluid Time Entry

Introduction to Fluid Time Reporting

The University of Michigan is moving to Fluid Time Reporting and Approvals on February 23, 2022. This change will affect anyone who reports their own time, reports and/or approves time for staff, or audits time reporting prior to the payroll cut-off.

There are four types of “Time Reporters” at Michigan Medicine. The type of Time Reporter an employee is indicates how their time is captured in the M-Pathways system. The four types of Time Reporters are listed below:

  1. Self-Service Time Reporters report time via Employee Self-service page (Wolverine Access)
  2. Web Clock Time Reporters clock in and out via Employee Self-service page (Wolverine Access), time then shows up in the timesheet in M-Pathways
  3. Punch Time Reporters clock in and out via a physical time clock, time then shows up in the timesheet in M-Pathways
  4. Direct Entry Time Reporters complete a paper timesheet which is submitted to their supervisor, after the supervisor signs off on the timesheet the time is directly entered into M-Pathways by a timekeeper

What’s New?

There will be new options to enter and view time, including some that are available on mobile devices.

The “old” Elapsed Timesheet page is going away. 

New time reporting pages (dependent on the type of time reporter)

  1. Enter Time - used by self-service time reporters, timekeepers, and approvers (most like the “old” Elapsed Timesheet page)
  2. Weekly Time - used to enter time on multiple days in a week, one code at a time, by self-service time reporters, timekeepers, approvers and used to view punches and reported time for punch and web clock time reporters (available on mobile devices)
  3. Report Time - used to enter time one day, one code at a time, by self-service time reporters, approvers, and timekeepers (available on mobile devices)
  4. Time Summary - used to view reported and payable time for self-service time reporters, approvers, and timekeepers

Depending on the type of time reporter that is logged in to Employee Self-Service via Wolverine Access, the above options will be available after clicking on the Time Reporting Tile. In addition, all types of time reporters will see the View Leave Balances tile.

Time and Labor WorkCenter – New Approval and Delegate Approval Page

When an approver or delegate approver clicks on the approval page links in the top left corner of the Time and Labor WorkCenter a list of transactions (punches, submission of time) that need approval will be displayed. Prior to Fluid Time Reporting and Approvals, a list of staff that had time ready for approval was displayed.

This change may become unmanageable. In addition, the approver is not given sufficient information to approve time accurately in most cases on the new approval page. For these reasons it is recommended that all approvers (using a desktop or laptop device) go to the Enter Time page to review and approve time. Those approving time on a mobile device, such as a cell phone, will have to use the Fluid Time Approval page as Enter Time is not available on those devices.

All the new time entry pages will be added to the Time and Labor WorkCenter in the links section.

A new Tile called Time Entry Pages will be available on the HRMS Homepage in M-Pathways that will include all the new time reporting pages as well as links to the Time Summary, Manager Exceptions, Time and Labor WorkCenter and Manage Search Options pages. 

Overview of Fluid Time Entry Changes (links to ITS website) 

Fluid Time Reporting and Approval - Overview Videos and Overview of Changes Document

The Michigan Medicine Payroll team has created demo videos based on type of user (i.e. self-service approver, or punch time reporter, etc.) These short demo videos can be sent to staff and approvers or anyone inquiring about what is new.


Fluid Time Entry Overview

Biweekly Self-service Time Reporter

Monthly Self-service Time Reporter

Web Clock Time Reporter

Punch Time Reporter

Self-service Approver

Punch Time Approver

Mobile Self-service Time Reporter

Mobile Time Approval