Health & Wellness

Employee Health and Well-being

It is very important that employees maintain their physical, mental, and emotional health and well-being while employed at Michigan Medicine. There are many resources available for supervisors to assist their employees in maintaining their health:

  • Michigan Medicine Security provides full service around the clock to promote patient, visitor, and staff safety through a variety of services and programs. Services include conducting building patrols and criminal investigations, providing motorist assistance and security escorts, monitoring fire and security systems, and responding to calls of potential violence.
  • Infection Control and Epidemiology provides expertise in infection prevention and control through education, investigation, research, and consultation. The department's goal is to reduce the risk of infections in patients, visitors, personnel, and others associated with the Health System.
  • MHealthy offers a variety of health and well-being programs and services to faculty and staff members. Our programs reflect the university’s philosophy that many factors affect your quality of life and play a part in achieving balance, purpose, and vitality in your career and at home.
  • Occupational Health Services (OHS) provides services to Michigan Medicine and Ann Arbor campus faculty and staff for the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of occupational illnesses and injuries.
  • Safety Management Services provides occupational safety, health, and environmental stewardship services to organizational units, including consultation, training, and education related to fire safety, radiation safety industrial hygiene, and ergonomics. 
  • Tobacco Free Environment: The University Health System adopted a smoke-free environment policy prohibiting both indoor and outdoor smoking on all properties owned by the Health System and School of Nursing.
  • Tobacco Consultation Service provide complete and easily accessible quit smoking/smokeless tobacco programs for all Michigan Medicine employees, patients, and community members and provides assistance as needed to put into action and maintain a smoke-free environment.

The information on this Web site is provided by the University of Michigan Health Systems Human Resource Department. We support you personally and professionally in your work environment to help you achieve success!