Employee Referral Program

Michigan Medicine High-Demand Positions Employee Referral Program

Michigan Medicine wants your help in hiring the leaders and best to join our team. In the spirit of our core value teamwork, employees can help the organization identify and hire quality candidates for available high-demand positions. The employee referral program is designed to increase the number of candidates for specific high-demand positions experiencing critically short staffing, while rewarding current employees with an up to $1,500 bonus for referring their family, friends, neighbors and acquaintances who are hired. 

Providing a referral for an applicant is not a guarantee that the individual will receive an interview or be selected for a position at Michigan Medicine. Also, those involved in the hiring team (interviewing and selection process) for the specific job will not qualify for the referral bonus.

All referred applicants will need to complete the standardized process outlined by selection guidelines. Also, the referred applicant cannot be a current employee of the University of Michigan. 

For questions regarding the Employee Referral Program, email MM-HD-JobRefer@umich.edu.

This program is for allied health and non-nursing positions only. For the Nursing Employee Referral Program, please click here.

How it works

  • Current high-demand positions that qualify for referral bonuses are listed below. This list is subject to change as demand changes within the organization.
  • Referring (current) employees should provide their referral with three things:
    • The posting ID# for the position- listed below
    • Their (referring employee’s) correctly spelled name and
    • Their (referring employee’s) UM ID#.
  • During the electronic application process, the applicant must include the employee’s first and last name and UM ID# at the time the application is completed. There is a section in the application that request referral information. If not completed at the time of application, the referral will not be eligible for the referral bonus.
  • If the candidate is hired, the first installment of $750 (50% of the bonus amount) will be provided following the start date of the new employee. The remaining 50% of the bonus amount will be provided after the candidate successfully completes their six-month probationary period.

Rules and Program Guidelines

Read the Employee Referral Program overview and FAQsfor additional rules and guidelines.

Bonus-Eligible Positions*

(As of April 30, 2024)

Posting Job Title
Job Family Title
Pharmacy Technicians
Pharmacy Tech Intermediate, Pharmacy Tech Senior, Pharmacy Technician Associate
Phlebotomist, Phlebotomist Specialist
Radiologic Technologist, Radiology Technologist Senior, CT Tech, MRI Tech, Mammography, Interventional Radiology Technologist
Surgical Technologist
Surgical Technologist Cardiovascular, Surgical Technologist First Assistant, Surgical Technologist Inter
Custodians (Unit & CII)
Unit Custodian, Custodian II
OR Instrument Processors
OR Instrument Processor I, OR Instrument Processor II
Food Service Worker
Food Service Worker II
Hospital Cook I, Hospital Cook II
Inpatient Unit Clerk
Inpatient Unit Clerk
Patient Services
Patient Services Assistant, Patient Services Associate, Patient Services Intermediate, Patient Services Senior
Medical Assistant
Medical Assistant, Medical Assistant Associate, Medical Assistant Intermediate, Medical Assistant Senior
Respiratory Therapist
Respiratory Therapist Intermediate
Call Center Representative
Call Center Representative Associate, Call Center Representative Intermediate, Call Center Representative Senior

*Positions eligible for referral bonus are reviewed weekly and may change based upon need and the determination of the Michigan Medicine CHRO. Referrals that are confirmed on applicant applications prior to being removed from the eligibility list will be honored for the program.