Solutions Center

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The Solutions Center team is comprised of two teams, General HR Services, and the Leave Management Teams. They help ensure employees have the right information and resources for their specific needs. As such, their work is highly personalized, and members of the team spend a great deal of time understanding the nuances of each situation so that they can point customers in the right direction. The members of these two teams field an incredible number of inquiries.

General HR Services Team

This team is staffed by committed and knowledgeable Human Resources Generalists who provide the traditional services work expected of Human Resources. They are positioned to provide outstanding service to our internal customers and employees for everything from general policy and process inquiries to more complex matters like, credit for prior years of service, 1:1 training for PAR completion on top of answering our phones. This team provides support to our Data Analytics and Compensation teams with the annual merit program and labor market adjustments by uploading spreadsheets and resolving multiple types of errors. This team also provides support to the Compensation, Data Analytics and the Employment team with weekly and monthly audits related to contact and step increases, hiring issues and the like.

Leave Management Team

The MMHR Leave Management Team is staffed by dedicated HR professionals to assist and guide faculty, staff, and learners through life changes such as a long illness, injury, disability, serving our country or an expanding family.  This team is the trusted resource which can guide you through the type of leave or accommodation that may apply based on each individual situation.

The goal of the leave management team is to provide effective and essential case management during an employee’s time away or accommodation needs. Our strong centralized process provides consistent policy administration which reduces risk and allows our supervisors and managers to focus on their work. Each employee is provided a single point of contact at the beginning of their case. The leave specialist will guide the employee from start to finish and all the in-betweens for a successful return to work.