Gender Bias for Leaders

Stepping-In for Respect: Gender Bias for Leaders is a workshop intended to help leaders use their influence to cultivate a safe, harassment-free working and learning environment. Leaders play an instrumental role in shaping their unit’s climate and increasing the possibility that all our students, faculty, and staff have the opportunity to develop and contribute to their full potential. This learning experience is designed to support leaders in developing foundational knowledge and reflective skills necessary to cultivate climates that are more resistant to gender bias, therefore positively impacting the workplace environment and healthcare delivery.

You will learn to:

  • Identify gender bias and how it relates to sexual harassment
  • Discover the role and responsibility of leaders in creating cultures resistant to gender bias

You will benefit by:

  • Viewing scenarios of real events that have happened in the healthcare field
  • Being able to have open and honest conversations with peers on how to handle these situations
  • Gaining a better understanding about the harm of gender bias to individuals, departments and the medical community at large

Workshop participants will learn to recognize gender bias and its harm to individuals and departments, practice strategies for how to step in when witnessing or directly experiencing biased behaviors, and create a climate of accountability for all. Facilitators will help prepare participants to navigate difficult conversations to stop disrespectful behaviors, reinforce our core values, and develop our desired culture.

While the general Stepping In for Respect builds on the principles of Change it Up and bystander training, Stepping In for Respect: Gender Bias for Leaders explicitly focuses on equipping leaders with the tools they need to mitigate bias due to gender or gender identity, ensuring equity and inclusion for all.