Organizational Effectiveness Consulting

Organizational Effectiveness Consulting is available for a variety of needs, including small-team and large-scale change management, team building, leadership development, diversity and inclusion, coaching, mediation and strategic planning. See below for more details:


Department and management teams have access to customized organizational assessments prior to significant changes and also offer vendor supplied assessments which help identify individual style or skill preferences. These include the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®, Straight Talk®, Change Style Indicator®, Thomas-Kilmann®, and Real Colors®.

Change Management

Ongoing change is a constant in the healthcare environment. Consultants offer customized assessment of an area’s readiness for a specific change effort. Common change projects include organizational restructuring, leadership and staff changes, and technological change.


Coaching is a confidential leadership development service available to leaders seeking to enhance their overall effectiveness as well as the performance and cohesiveness of their teams.Our coaches customize specific processes, tools and techniques in order to help identify and achieve client goals while maximizing their full potential.

Team Effectiveness

A variety of development strategies are available for improving team effectiveness, including but not limited to, clarifying purpose, roles, responsibilities, key competencies and behaviors. The Consultants provide support to teams with improving relationships, communications and deliverables.

Team Retreats and Meeting Facilitation

Design and facilitation services are available for team retreats as well as large or small group meetings. Consultants assist with clarifying purpose and outcomes, agenda development, the selection of engaging and participatory processes, and how to work through challenging topics.

Mediation and Facilitated Dialogue

Resources are available to assist with workplace conflicts between two or more parties. Staff members can be provided with an impartial certified mediator to support conflict resolution and next steps, in addition to less formal processes of facilitated dialogue or a more formal process of mediation.

Strategic Planning

Organizational Effectiveness Consultants work with leaders and teams to help identify strategic goals and objectives and to align these with those of the larger organization. They can also support the development of a short or longer term strategic plan, ranging from a baseline SWOT analysis through SMART goals and action steps.

Diversity Equity & Inclusion

Michigan Medicine is committed to creating and sustaining a workplace culture of inclusivity, diversity, and wellness. In partnership with the Office for Health Equity and Inclusion, the team ensures that diversity, equity, and inclusion infuses with all efforts at developing faculty and staff, while aligning organizational culture and best serving patients, their families, and colleagues.