Michigan Medicine Timekeeper Update: November 24, 2021

Queries to audit Payable Time that includes data time older than six (6) months

If you need to pull data to verify use of the COVID 80 bank (RPN/PAN) you can use the ODS Archive Queries listed below. You will see all Payable Time within the entered date range and you can then filter by the TRC’s you are looking for.

Payable time that includes data older than 6 months, by date range, by “date under report” (shows daily detail):


Payable time that includes data older than 6 month, by date range, totaled by time reporting code:


For more information about reporting COVID-19 time reporting, visit the COVID-19 Time Reporting page of the MMHR website.

Reminder: Reporting FMT (FMLA tracking code)

Be sure to verify that the employee has an active FMLA tracking bank with available hours before reporting FMT. Once the bank becomes available you can enter a prior period adjustment if needed. To inquire about when an FMLA Tracking bank will be loaded you may submit a ticketso the HR Solutions Center and review and provide that information.

When FMT is reported before the bank has been added and loaded with hours, or after hours have been exhausted, the system puts all time reported on the day into an error status (exception). This prevents ALL of the reported time from being processed through to payroll. The MM HR Payroll team has been deleting the FMT erroring out on cut-off mornings to prevent incorrect paychecks and we are seeing a high volume of these. All Exceptions (errors) should be cleaned up before the cut-off.

Please make sure you are running an Exceptions query to catch all errors that require correction before the payroll cut-off. MTL_EXCEPTION_GROUP or MTL_EXCEPTION_SUPERVISOR

The easiest way to confirm that the FMLA Tracking bank has been added is by viewing the employee’s leave balances on the Timesheet page or by running a leave balance query.

Please follow the HRSC instructions on when FMLA starts and ends for each employee and when to start recording the hours.

Note: FMT is not a paycode. It is a tracking code only and meant to assist departments in making sure employees do not overuse their approved allotment of FMLA time. Please review information found on the MMHR website for more details on FMLA.

To find previous editions of Timekeeper Updates, or to request to be added or removed from the Timekeepers Network email group, visit the Timekeeping & Pay page on the MMHR website.

If you have further questions, please reach out to your pay analyst directly. If you do not know who your pay analyst is, please check here. We are experiencing a high volume of calls and emails during this time, so we appreciate your patience as we work through this rapidly changing environment to provide you with the most up to date information.