New Timekeepers & Approvers

Onboarding New Timekeepers & Approvers Overview Guide

An overview of all steps to onboard a new timekeeper or time approver can be found here.

M-Pathways System Access

M-Pathways is the system in which payroll is processed. Michigan Medicine HR-Payroll does not have the ability to grant system access. For questions and information regarding M-Pathways access, contact the ITS Service Center.

Timekeeper Access

Access to payroll pages in M-Pathways is granted via OARS (Online Access Request System) ticket. The following roles should be requested for timekeepers:

  • TL Time Entry User
  • TL Leave Accrual Viewer

Approver Access

  • Primary Approvers: Those listed as the supervisor on Job Data are granted access to M-Pathways time and labor pages by default.
  • Delegate Approvers: In order to be added as a Delegate Approver, an employee must have some access to M-Pathways, or must request the Leave Accrual Viewer role through OARS ticket before they can be added to a delegate group.

ITS oversees system security and access. If you have issues or questions, contact the ITS.

Punch/Web Clock Department Access

Departments using punch or web clock time entry should also request the following role:

  • TL Punch Time Entry User

Timekeepers who will be converting timesheets to punch format on the Maintain Time Reporter Data page in M-Pathways will also need the following role to update that page:

  • TL Time Reporter Data User

ITS oversees system security and access. If you have issues or questions, contact the ITS.

Training for Timekeepers & Approvers

Timekeeper & Approver Training

The following courses provide an understanding of the M-Pathways system and overall U-M payroll process.

Timekeepers and Approvers

  • TLE122: Time Reporting (1.5 hr) This eLearning course introduces Timekeepers to the M-Pathways procedures for supporting the overall process of time entry and Payroll review.

  • TLE121: Review Employee Leave Data (30 mins) This eLearning course is for department personnel responsible for reviewing employee leave activity and leave balances.

Approver Training

  • TLE140: Punch Time Entry And Approval (1 hr) This eLearning course provides an overview of the entire Punch Time process from setting up an employee to be able to punch a time clock, to reviewing and approving the time to be processed by payroll.

 Additional timekeeping and payroll training available on the Payroll Knowledge Resources page.