Michigan Medicine Timekeeper Update: November 5, 2021

Supervisors Must Approve Time for Their Employees

Whether it is a paper or electronic timesheet, the direct supervisor of each employee is required to approve their time in M-Pathways. Timekeepers should not be approving time as their role is different in the timekeeping process that must be separate from those that are approving time.

Roles/separation of duties in the timekeeping process

  • Approver: Direct supervisor of each employee who verifies/approves that reported time is accurate and matches what the employee is eligible for and required to be paid.
  • Timekeeper: Audits the time reporting, supports the department in making sure everyone is paid correctly by answering questions, and stays current on all timekeeping and pay policies that are applicable. May enter corrections that are then approved by the approvers before the payroll finalizes. Checks the gross pay registers to verify accurate pay. Requests corrections if needed. Investigates pay and leave time issues, etc.
  • Final Authorization: Typically a finance person that looks over the gross pay registers and does a final sign off. Checks for accuracy and reasonableness.

SPG Payroll Controls 518.01

VI. “Departments must establish and maintain appropriate separation of duties to ensure that one individual is not responsible for recording, approving and reviewing payroll transactions. Departments should also have a process to ensure that time data is reported, approved and submitted in a timely manner.”

If the current process in your department is to have timekeepers approve time please reach out to the Payroll team for assistance in making the change to have supervisors approve their employee’s time in order to meet U-M policy requirements. 

OT Rule Query Updates

A correction has been made for the queries listed below. Previously these queries were not detecting overtime created by the rule on a day that also had overtime reported by an employee, supervisor or timekeeper. For these cases you will now see “maybe rule” on the query so they are not missed.






The OT Rule queries are a step in the process for a successful payroll and to ensure overtime pay is reported and paid correctly.

The OT Rules are “failsafe” rules only and do not pay people correctly. They notify you when there are major violations of the FLSA overtime pay requirements. When you run these queries you should NOT see anything show up. If an employee shows up on the report it means a correction to the time reporting is needed before payroll runs in order to pay that person correctly. 

M-Pathways down time

On Saturday, Nov. 6, HCM PROD will be down from 9 p.m. - 11 p.m. for a PeopleTools Patch.

Please note that punches will accumulate during this time and once the system is back they will transfer over from the clocks to HCMPROD. Those that use web clock will not be able to clock in/out during the timOe frame and will require manual entries.

Query Guides for Time Reporting

The following query reference guides for Self-service, Punch and Direct Entry time reporting have been created for your use. These lists do not by far include all available queries in M-Pathways but are the essential ones that should be ran to ensure an accurate payroll.

Query Guide for Direct Entry Time Reporting

Query Guide for Punch & WebClock Time Reporting

Query Guide for Self-service Time Reporting


  • Your pay analyst is the primary contact for payroll issues and questions. Emails should only go to the team if your pay analyst is out of office. If you’re not certain who your pay analyst is, visit the Timekeepers HR Business Unit Contact tool and enter your department ID# to find out.
  • Payroll Correction Forms should be sent ONLY to UMHHC-Payroll-HR-FAX@med.umich.edu. This ensures the most timely and efficient processing of your pay requests. Please do not send these forms directly to pay analysts.

Daylight Saving Time is 2:00 a.m. Sunday, Nov 7. If your department has staff working at this time, refer to the Daylight Saving Time Guide for time reporting assistance.

To find previous editions of Timekeeper Updates, or to request to be added or removed from the Timekeepers Network email group, visit the Timekeeping & Pay on the MMHR website.

If you have further questions, please reach out to your pay analyst directly. If you do not know who your pay analyst is, please check here. We are experiencing a high volume of calls and emails during this time, so we appreciate your patience as we work through this rapidly changing environment to provide you with the most up to date information.