Michigan Medicine Timekeeper Update: December 16, 2021

MNA December Lump Sum Payments (please read carefully)

Paragraph 2-c. of the UMPNC/MNA one-year collective bargaining agreement (July 1, 2021 - June 30, 2022) states: Employees in pay grades for Framework Levels A-F, N-3, RSAM, N-4 and N-5 in Step 13 and 14 prior to the start of the July 2021 Salary Schedule who do not receive a step increase on their anniversary during the July 2021 salary schedule will receive a $1000 lump sum bonus, prorated by FTE, in December 2021.


  • Payments will be included in the December 30, 2021 paycheck (last check in Dec.)
  • The earnings code for this payment will be MRB “Nurse annual lump sum”
  • Lists will be sent this week to timekeepers and supervisors of those receiving payment
  • Those who terminate or go on an unpaid leave of absence on or before December 1st will not receive a payment

       o   Departments should set up payment for those that return from unpaid leaves within the current fiscal year using the PAR process

                 o   Be sure to pro-rate the payment by FTE and use the MRB earnings code

  • Those that terminate or retire after December 1st and are not active on any day during the pay period of the 12/30 paycheck will receive their payment on an off-cycle check initiated by the Payroll Office

      o   These payments will also pay out on 12/30/21

      o   This group will not be listed on spreadsheets being sent out as they are being handled manually

If a nurse has received payments in previous years, is in step 13 and does not receive a payment this year please check to see if they have or will reach their 18 years of service at UM in the 2022 fiscal year. If so, that means they will advance to step 14 during this fiscal year, making them ineligible for the payment in December 2021.

Contact Amanda Louks alouks@med.umich.edu with questions. 

Sell Back program

Employees who are eligible for PTO sell back should submit a sell back request form to their department timekeeper or supervisor starting January 1. It’s not too early to begin sharing the form with your department staff.

It is recommended all requests be submitted to timekeepers by January 10 to allow time for data entry in preparation for the payroll cut off date. This date may not coincide with deadlines outlined in the PTO policy or collective bargaining agreements.

Please be sure to review the links below for program details regarding eligibility and information based on employee type.

Sell Back Process & Procedure

Sell Back Request

January payroll calendar

The January 2022 payroll calendar is online here.

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If you have further questions, please reach out to your pay analyst directly. If you do not know who your pay analyst is, please check here