U-M Health Timekeepers & Approvers Weekly Update: Thursday, December 16, 2022

Important Reminders: December Payroll cutoffs

Please note the following cutoffs for upcoming payrolls in December:

  • Thursday, Dec. 22, 10:00AM: Monthly payroll cutoff
  • Tuesday Dec. 27, 10:00AM: Biweekly payroll cutoff
  • Wednesday, Dec. 28, 9:00AM: Payroll correction forms due to U-M Health Payroll

>>>  Be sure to review the biweekly gross pay register the morning of Wed Dec 28 as early as possible. Corrections for direct deposit on 12/30/22 are due to the payroll office no later than 9am on 12/28/22.  <<<

Employee Record Numbers

When contacting the U-M Payroll Team, please check to see if the employee has more than one record. Record numbers can be found on the Job Data page in M-Pathways. Please include the appropriate record number when contacting the U-M Payroll Team. This helps to ensure your pay analyst is viewing information appropriate to an employee’s correct appointment.

If you’re new to the Job Data page, or if you’d like a refresher, a short primer video for Job Data is available on the Payroll Knowledge Resources page of the MMHR website.