U-M Health Timekeepers & Approvers Weekly Update: Thursday, December 8, 2022

Reminders about AFSCME & Trades December PTO/Vacation Bank Loads

AFSCME and Trades bargained for staff at Michigan Medicine, who are active on December 1, 2022 had 32 hours of PTO/ Vacation hours prorated by FTE added to their banks. The hours are effective and available for use on November 27th, 2022.

The additional hours will be added after the December accrual loads. This gives those employees the entire month of December to use any excess hours that exceed the maximum allowed balance. Once January’s accrual is loaded, any hours that exceed the maximum allowed balance + one additional accrual will be lost. Please remind employees of this so that they can plan time off if needed.

As a reminder, this annual load of hours for these groups of bargained employees is in lieu of the season days available to campus employees. An audit will be conducted in January to check for use of Season Day codes.

UMPNC/MNA Nurse December Lump Sum Bonus 2022

Those nurses in pay grades Framework Levels A-F, N-3: Role Specific, N-4 and N-5 in Step 13 and Step 14 prior to the start of Schedule A and who do not step on their anniversary during Schedule A, will receive a $1000.00 lump sum bonus, prorated for appointment, in December 2022. (¶Wage Schedule A runs from 10/1/22 through 6/24/23 for biweekly paid and 6/30/23 for monthly paid nurses.)

Reminder: In order to reach Step 14, a nurse must have been in Step 13 for at least 12 months AND have 18 years of service at UM. If a nurse in Step 13 reaches both of these thresholds on or after 10/1/22 and before 6/25/23, they are not eligible for the lump sum bonus in December 2022. (¶614)

  • The lump sum bonus will pay out on the 12/30/2022 paycheck for both biweekly and monthly paid nurses
  • The Earnings code for this payment will be MRB “Nurse annual lump sum”
  • Employees must be active in a bargained for nursing position on December 1, 2022, and meet all other criteria listed above to be eligible for the bonus
  • Biweekly Nurses that terminate/retire or go on an unpaid leave of absence effective 12/2/2022 through 12/11/2022 will have their bonus paid out via an off-cycle direct deposit on 12/30/2022
  • Employees on an unpaid leave of absence on or before 12/1/2022 will not receive the bonus payment until they return
    • Departments should notify the payroll office when employees return so we can enter the amounts into additional pay and set up a payment on the next off-cycle direct deposit
  • Timekeepers & Supervisors will receive a list of staff eligible for the bonus payment on 12/30/2022 no later than 12/9/2022
    • Those on unpaid leaves or that require an off-cycle check will not be on the list


  • 90% of questions will be from nurses who are used to getting the bonus, but they will now hit their 18 years at UM during Schedule A making them ineligible for the payment in December 2022
    • They will likely get it next year when they are stuck in step 14
    • Check their service date and if they will hit 18 years at some point from 6/27/22-6/24/23, notify them that they are not eligible for the payment
  • Nurses might term/retire/go on unpaid leave after 12/1
    • They are eligible for the payment but may need to be paid on the off-cycle if they will not get a 12/30 check due to appointment change effective date
  • Nurses might term/retire/go on unpaid leave on or before 12/1
    • They are not eligible for the payment
      • We may need to delete the payment from additional if it was uploaded before the change was made
  • Nurses may return from unpaid leave on or before 12/1 but were missed in the upload
    • These will need to be added to additional pay manually to ensure they get it paid on their 12/30 check or set up on the off-cycle if applicable

For additional questions contact your pay analyst on the U-M Health Payroll team for assistance. Use our lookup tool using the Department ID to determine who your assigned pay analyst is.

Important! Updated December Payroll Calendar

The December 2022 Payroll Calendar has been updated to reflect a change in the last off-cycle payroll process of the year. Payroll Correction Forms to pay on the final off-cycle of December 2022 are due to U-M Health Payroll by 9am, December 28, 2022.

Be sure to review the biweekly gross pay register the morning of 12/28/22 early as possible. Corrections for direct deposit on 12/30/22 are due to the payroll office no later than 9am on 12/28/22.

Go to December 2022 Payroll Calendar to download the updated version.