U-M Health Timekeepers & Approvers Weekly Update: Tuesday, Jan. 31, 2023

Updated Approvals Options Coming February 5, 2023

Approvals by Employee will be added into the Time & Labor WorkCenter for Approvers and Delegate Approvers.  This is a return to functionality that existed prior to Fluid Time Reporting that was implemented in February 2022.

The following queries should be run to ensure time is submitted by all employees and has been approved prior to the payroll cutoff:

  • To identify employees who have not reported time, available by static group and deptID:
  • To identify time that has been reported but not approved, available by static group and deptID:

February Payroll Calendar

The February 2023 Payroll Calendar is now available on the MMHR website.

To receive Outlook payroll calendar reminders, follow these instructions to add the Outlook calendar Michigan Medicine Payroll Cutoffs & Due Dates.

Featured Queries

MTL_ZMAIS_DBE_SUPV_ID - Pulls a list of employees with Department Budget Earnings (short code) information by supervisor ID

MPY_DEPT_MGR_REPORT_CAMPUSID - Enter an employee’s uniqname to verify if they are listed as a time report recipient or department manager for any Department ID’s in M-Pathways. This is useful if there is turnover in the timekeeper role on your unit to identify where updates need to be made

MPY_DEPT_MGR_REPORT_RECIPIENTS to see who is currently assigned as the “time report recipient” and “backup time report recipient” for a Department ID. These designations should be assigned to the Timekeeper and Backup Timekeeper. 

To update recipients by department id use the Report Recipient Override Form