U-M Health Timekeepers & Approvers Weekly Update: Friday, March 17, 2023

New - Reported Time vs Standard Hours Queries

The Reported Time vs Standard Hours M-Pathways queries are used to verify biweekly paid employees have reported time up to the appointed standard hours on Job Data for each Employee Record or Job. Punch and WebClock users are excluded from this query due to the incremental minutes that result from this method of time collection.

Changes we’ve made: 

  • The query will now only show employees with a variance.
    • If there are no variances, the query will have no results.
  • The MTL_RPTD_TIME_VS_STDHRS_BW query has been removed.
  • Two new versions of the query were added- one by Static Group and one by Dept ID



Note: Employees whose standard hours are changed during a pay period effective on any day except the first Sunday or Monday of the pay period will show on the query with a variance. These still need to be reviewed to ensure the correct number of hours are reported each week based on old and new standard hours and the effective dates. The query uses the standard hours effective on the last day of the pay period and compares this to the total hours reported for all codes that count towards standard hours.

The Reported Time vs Standard Hours Queries are valuable tools to ensure the accuracy of biweekly time reporting and should be run for all biweekly paid employees prior to the payroll cut-off to identify possible time reporting errors.

Tips for Punch and WebClock Timekeepers & Approvers to Maximize Timesheet View

With the recent updates to the Enter Time page in M-pathways the number of rows that are visible on the punch timesheet view have been reduced. The video below will give some tips to maximize the view as much as possible. The issue has been submitted to the vendor and we’ve asked them to take a look at this and to make further updates to improve the situation. In the meantime, we hope this information helps.


April Payroll Calendar

The April 2023 Payroll Calendar is now available on the MMHR website.

To receive Outlook payroll calendar reminders, follow these instructions to add the Outlook calendar Michigan Medicine Payroll Cutoffs & Due Dates.

Timekeeping & Pay Resources

Below, you’ll find links to pay & timekeeping related policies and resources to be familiar with and bookmark to reference in the future, as needed.

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