U-M Health Timekeepers & Approvers Weekly Update: Thursday, March 30, 2023

M-Pathways System Bug - Currently Being Investigated

During the last biweekly cut-off AM process we experienced several reports of issues on the Enter Time page where time could not be approved. The issue turned out to be a system bug that causes an issue when the following sequence occurs:

  • Time is reported and submitted, then approved, then the time is updated, then “saved”, and lastly submitted again.

After this sequence, the time status changed to “Approval in Process” for the approvers (meaning, the person looking at it doesn’t have access to approve), the link was grayed out and the system would not allow the day to be approved by anyone.

Our recommendation is to always click submit and not save after updating reported time that had previously been approved. 

If you see the issue, take the following steps to correct it: 

  • Delete the time completely from the day, then click submit, then re-enter the time, then click submit again. At that point approval should be possible.  

HR Contact Resource

If you’re not certain who your pay analyst or HR business partner here in Michigan Medicine HR, you can visit the Timekeepers’ HR Business Unit Contact tool to look it up. To use the tool, select the drop-down menu and type in a 6-digit department ID number and the listed HR contacts will appear. 

Timekeeping & Pay Resources

Below, you’ll find links to pay & timekeeping related policies and resources to bookmark and stay familiar with for referencing in the future, as needed.

Payroll Education Resources