U-M Health Timekeepers & Approvers Weekly Update: May 19, 2023

Roles and Responsibilities - Departmental Timekeeping Processes

The Payroll Controls Standard Practice Guide states, each department is responsible for maintaining adequate internal controls for payroll related processes, which include an effective system of monitoring and oversight to ensure the accuracy and validity of its payroll……

Timekeeping at Michigan Medicine is a decentralized process which is why maintaining internal controls within each department is so important. In order to maintain adequate internal controls to ensure an accurate payroll, a structure of specific roles and responsibilities as well as separation of certain duties is required. 

The Roles and Responsibilities - Timekeeping at Michigan Medicinedocument Identifies each role and the broad areas of responsibilities for each role.

For questions, please contact Amanda Louks, Payroll Manager, via email alouks@med.umich.edu or on Teams.

June 2023 Payroll Calendar

The June Payroll Calendar is now available on the MMHR website.

To receive Outlook payroll calendar reminders, follow these instructions to add the Michigan Medicine Payroll Cutoffs & Due Dates to your viewable Outlook calendars.

COVID-19 Time Reporting Updates

As noted in the May 8, 2023 Timekeeping & Pay Weekly Update, COVID-19 PTO Banks were ended effective May 14, 2023. The COVID-19 Time Reporting page has been updated with FAQs for your reference.

Questions that are not answered by the FAQ should be directed to COVID-19HR@umich.edu 

Overtime Chart

The Overtime Chart provides guidance around overtime rules for each type of employee, including a comprehensive list of time reporting codes which count toward the calculation for overtime pay. Every timekeeper and approver should have a copy of this chart bookmarked or printed for quick reference when reviewing and/or approving time.