U-M Health Timekeepers & Approvers Weekly Update: June 1, 2023

University of Michigan - Punch & Web Clock Time Reporting Standards (updated May 2023)

There have been several updates made to the U-M Punch & WebClock Time Reporting Standards.

The following updates were made: 

  • Information was added regarding the OT rules in the M-pathways system for punch users.
  • The lunch break sections for temporary staff and regular staff were updated only to add clarifying language around that topic.
  •  The numbering of paragraphs was corrected.

Please thoroughly review this document if you are a punch or WebClock timekeeper or approver and send feedback or questions to Amanda Louks, Payroll Manager, alouks@med.umich.edu

UM Time Reporting Standard - Day shift is the First Shift of the Day

The standard for reporting time on the appropriate day is based on the day shift being the first shift of the day.

On any particular day, an employee may be scheduled to work the day, afternoon, or night shift and all the hours they worked for those shifts is reported on the day. This is true even if the employee works past midnight and into the next day when working the night shift.

The only exception to this is for those using the Onestaff Scheduling system (mainly inpatient nursing departments) where the Night shift is considered the first shift of the day only because the UMPNC contract language dictates this for nurses. This is going to change though in January 2025 when anyone using Onestaff will transition to defining the day shift as the first shift of the day (including nurses) to come into alignment with UM’s standard practice.

If there are currently departments scheduling and reporting time using the night shift as the first shift of the day and not using the Onestaff scheduling system it is highly recommended that these departments move to day shift being the first shift of the day. This can be done as soon as possible, or it can be done when Onestaff transitions in January 2025.

For questions contact Amanda Louks, Payroll Manager, alouks@med.umich.edu

June Payroll Calendar

The June Payroll Calendaris now available on the MMHR website. To receive Outlook payroll calendar reminders, follow these instructions to add the Michigan Medicine Payroll Cutoffs & Due Dates to your viewable Outlook calendars.