U-M Health Timekeepers & Approvers Weekly Update: June 27, 2023

Checking Gross Pay Registers (GPR)

All departments must have a system in place that ensures an accurate payroll in accordance with the Payroll Controls Standard Practice Guide. A part of that system is reviewing gross pay registers after every payroll run. The GPR is the final summary of what was paid out in each payroll.

Gross pay registers should be reviewed the morning following each payroll cut-off. This way errors are caught and reconciled before employees see their paycheck.

Also, remember there is a weekly correction payroll that runs every Thursday that will also have a GPR to check. This is an important step for many reasons including to make sure other departments do not accidentally charge your short code.

**Important to note:  Some reports in Finance BI will only show pay that was charged to the specific department ID being reviewed. This means if other pay was charged to a different short code or if an employee has two jobs it will not show all their pay on the department specific reports.

To review a complete picture (ideal) of what was paid to each employee you must use a report that includes all pay in Finance BI or another easy option is to use the GPR queries by Group or by Employee ID in M-Pathways (MTL_GROSS_PAY_BY_GROUP or MTL_GROSS_PAY_BY_EMPL).

See the GPR Reconciliation Process for further details.  

Reminder: UMPNC/MNA Nurse Promotions

Nurses that need to move from Level A to Level C or any change in Framework (i.e. job title change) must be submitted via PAR by the department. 

In order to have no interruption in accurate paychecks the PAR must be processed by specific deadlines prior to payroll running for the pay period the promotion will become effective. You can review the PAR deadline dates for each payroll on our monthly payroll calendars August 2023 Payroll Calendar 

Anniversary step increases and annual contract increases are processed centrally by Michigan Medicine HR. The only exception is if a nurse is on an unpaid leave of absence (LOA). In these cases, the new rate must be included when the return from leave PAR is processed.

**Note: If HR processes a PAR for the return from LOA, then the department should process a second PAR to initiate any pay increase missed during the time the employee was out on unpaid leave.

Is Your Timekeeper Contact Information Correct?

To find out please visit the Timekeeper/HR Contact Tool, select the drop-down menu and type each of the 6-digit department ID numbers you are responsible for.

There should be a timekeeper and backup timekeeper name listed as well as their unique-name and phone contact number.

The more accurate the contact list the more efficient it is for all of us to find who we need to reach out to for questions or to resolve pay issues. You can use the tool to confirm who the assigned pay analyst and HR Business Partner is for each department id.

Thanks for your help!