Employee Retention

While Michigan Medicine strives to foster a work environment that supports and engages employees, employee turnover is inevitable. The time and resources that are dedicated to recruiting, hiring, and training new employees, along with the efforts departments make to close productivity gaps, can make employee turnover costly. To help lower turnover and mitigate its associated costs, managers are strongly encouraged to familiarize themselves with the available tools and resources, which can be found below. These tools and resources provide various toolkits for staff recruiting, development, rewarding, and employee retention.

UM Retention Toolkit

  1. Understanding retention risks and how to minimize them
  2. Identify staff who may represent a retention risk
    1. Retention Risk Matrix - To identify staff which may be at risk for resignation
  3. Prepare for and conduct retention interviews (for individual staff)
    1. Supervisor's Retention Pre-Interview Worksheet - Tips for getting the most out of your retention discussion with individual staff
    2. Supervisor's Retention Interview Form - Guide for retention discussions with individual staff
    3. Sample Retention Interview - Example of a typical conversation between a supervisor and staff member
  4. Develop an action plan for job satisfaction and growth
  5. Employee Job Satisfaction and Growth Plan - Template for employees and supervisors to plan a staff member's growth within the department/organization

Employee Engagement Resources

Additional Supervisory Resources

For additional information, contact your Human Resources Business Partner.