Employee Recognition and Achievement

Recognition is essential to an outstanding workplace. Michigan Medicine is a leader among its peers due to its dedicated staff members who work day-in and day-out to keep patients happy and operations running smoothly. Michigan Medicine understands the importance of ensuring its staff members feel appreciated and know that their contributions are value and has the following opportunities available for recognizing its exceptional employees.

The Service Awards honors those staff members who have made a significant career commitment to the University of Michigan. Each year, the university honors over 2,500 staff members reaching milestones of 10 years of service or more.

The UMatter Staff Recognition Program is a program that acknowledges the tremendous efforts and contributions staff make to the University of Michigan. UMatter provides individual recognition for outstanding service and actions for more casual day-to-day performance.

The U-M Office of Research (UMOR) Award recognizes one or more staff members who have stepped up to meet a specific challenge or performed exceptionally and approached his or her work in a way that extends beyond the ordinary fulfillment of a position’s duties.

The Staff Impact Awards celebrates those who champion volunteerism and service within the university — going above and beyond by taking on additional challenges. It honors staff who are wall-breakers and bridge-builders — people who find ways to collaborate across units and find solutions to make the workplace better for us all.