Michigan Medicine Timekeeper Update: October 28, 2021

Terminations and Reporting Time

Most employees (all except biweekly nurses and temps) will get their standard hours paid whether time is reported or not if the appointment is active in the system. This method of pay is called Exception Pay.

To create exception pay, the system follows these rules:

  1. Standard hours, prorated and paid Monday - Friday
  2. Any time reporting codes on the timesheet which add to the paycheck (OTR, OTP, shift, etc.)
  3. Any time reporting codes on the timesheet which deduct from the paycheck (ETW)

Here’s an example of how exception pay is created for a 40 hr/week employee:

40 standard hours / 5 = 8 hours paid per day, M - F

When an employee’s appointment becomes inactive, either due to termination or leave of absence, the system ends proration on the effective date of the termination/leave of absence. Because of this, time may need to be reported differently to ensure the employee is paid correctly on their final paycheck.

Example 1: 40 hr/week employee whose final day of work is Wednesday, termination effective Thursday. In a normal week, the employee’s hours would be paid as 8 hours M-F (40/5=8), but given that their termination is effective on Thursday, proration ends on Wednesday. This means that the system will issue 24 hours exception pay (8 hrs M-W). In this example, the employee actually worked 26 hours. Therefore, 2 hours of OTR are reported to pay the difference between exception pay issued automatically and the actual worked hours.

Example : 40 hr/week employee whose final day of work is Thursday, termination effective Friday. In a normal week, the employee’s hours would be paid as 8 hours M-F (40/5=8), but given that their termination is effective on Friday, proration ends on Thursday. This means that the system will issue 32 hours exception pay (8 hrs M-Th). In this example, the employee actually worked 28 hours. Therefore, 4 hours of ETW are reported on the day where the employee worked only 4 hours to reduce the exception pay issued automatically.

Bargained-for Nurses Taking Childcare Unpaid Leave of Absence

Please remind employees prior to taking an unpaid childcare leave of absence (6 months or less) if they would like to save up to 40 hours of their PTO it is required that they send a request to their supervisor before the start of the unpaid leave. Otherwise, the entire PTO bank will be paid out to the employee. See paragraph 429 in the UMPNC/MNA Collective Bargaining Agreement.

A notification should also be sent to the HR Solutions Center so they are aware of the request. The HRSC will notify the payroll team when they send over the request to verify the LOA effective date.

Reporting Time When Employees Work Over Then Arrive Late on Another Day in the Same Week (Part 2)

In our October 15 Timekeeper Update, we included instructing departments to NOT report ETW and OTR in the same week to prevent unnecessary risk to accurate pay. You will find the link to that article here: Michigan Medicine Timekeeper Update: Oct 15, 2021

We had some feedback from a couple of areas who at times report UET/ETW (no pay) when employees arrive late and then, later in the week, they may work additional hours requiring OTR to be reported equal to the no pay before reporting OTP (overtime) for a non-exempt employee working over 40 hours in a week. In cases like this or similar it is okay to have ETW/UET and OTR in the same week in order to track the late arrivals since we do not have a separate attendance tracking system available.


If it is not necessary to track the UET/ETW and there is OTR also reported in the week, please swap out the UET/ETW with REG to eliminate the need for the OTR. Let us know if you have questions or comments regarding this information.

2022 Pay Date Calendars Available

A variety of 2022 payroll resources are available on the Business & Finance Resources - Pay Dates page here.

Here you will find:

  • 2022 pay date calendars in a variety of sizes, including a “4 to a page” option which can be cut to fit into a badge holder.
  • Payroll due dates for every biweekly, monthly, and off-cycle payroll in 2022

Sell Back

Employees who are eligible for PTO sell back should submit their Sell Back Request to their department timekeeper or supervisor starting the 1st of the month Sell Back is being requested for and no later than the 10th of that month. Please be sure to review links below for full detail regarding eligibility and program details based on employee type.

Sell Back Process & Procedure

Sell Back Request

To find previous editions of Timekeeper Updates, or to request to be added or removed from the Timekeepers Network email group, visit the Timekeeping & Pay on the MMHR website.

If you have further questions, please reach out to your pay analyst directly. If you do not know who your pay analyst is, please check here. We are experiencing a high volume of calls and emails during this time, so we appreciate your patience as we work through this rapidly changing environment to provide you with the most up to date information.