Michigan Medicine Timekeeper & Approver Special Notice

System Performance Issues with Fluid Time Reporting

Since the implementation of the new Fluid Time Reporting and Approvals on February 23, 2022, many are experiencing system slowness (5-20 seconds between clicks), especially those updating or approving Punch & Web Clock timesheets. In some cases it is taking twice as long or more to process timesheets. Both due to system processing times and some loss in functionality.

For this reason we highly recommend giving yourself extra time to review and approve timesheets this week as we move into pay week and the biweekly payroll cut-off next Tuesday, March 8th, at 10am.

Additionally, remind those staff that enter their own time via the Employee Self-service (Wolverine Access) to also give themselves extra time for filling out their timesheet online and to do it early so that approvers can do their review and approvals sooner. 

The Information Technology Services team has logged a case with Oracle (vendor) on this issue and possible solutions are being investigated.

Fluid Time Reporting and Approval Tips and Reminders

  • All Approvers should use the Enter Time page to review and approve time
    • Allows you to see all the time in a week, leave balances, and standard hours
    • The new Fluid Approval page does not give a complete picture of what you are approving; can’t see punch in/out times, leave balances, or possible other reported time. 
  • Approvers can approve the entire pay period in the Enter Time page
    • Self-service approvers - Scroll below the time entry grid; click the select all button (not labeled); click approve
    • Punch & Web Clock approvers - click select all button toward the top of the time entry section (not labeled); all rows that need approval will be selected; then click approve
  • The system may randomly pull up a timesheet in the Enter Time page with today’s date as the start of the period instead of the start of the pay period
    • Click back a period and then forward again if this happens to correct it
  • Using the Time Summary page may be useful to view the entire pay period
    • The actions button in the lower right corner of the page will allow you to go to the timesheet and edit time
      • Doing this requires a return to the Enter Time Search page to pull your list of employees again if reviewing a group
  • The Time Summary page has a “new window” button at the top right corner of the screen
    • This can be used to open multiple windows; so you can toggle between screens rather than going back and pulling up your list of employees every time you move between these pages (i.e. Time Summary and Enter Time can be open at the same time)

Please forward this information to all of your approvers and anyone else who may be interested.

Additional Fluid Time Reporting Resources

Virtual Labs this week (designed to assist timekeepers & approvers)

Fluid Time Reporting Webinar (February 15, 2022) recording here 

Fluid Time Entry web page is available on the Michigan Medicine Human Resources web site under Timekeeping & Pay. Here you will find: 

If you have further questions, please reach out to your pay analyst directly. If you do not know who your pay analyst is, please check here