UPAMM Bargaining Teams

The Union of Physicians Assistant at Michigan Medicine (UPAMM) was formed in August 2020. Representing about 400 PAs across the entire institution, the union began inaugural negotiations with Michigan Medicine in September.

The University Bargaining Team includes Michelle Sullivan, Director of Labor Relations; Wade Baughman, Lead Labor Relations Advisor; Marc Moote, Chief PA; Sarah Diebel, HR Business Partner; Brian Downie; Associate Chief PA (Orthopaedic Surgery, MedSport); Sarah Ketelhut, PA Manager (Emergency Medicine); Karin Olson, PA Manager (Cancer Center).

The UPAMM Bargaining Team members are Jon Curtiss, AFT-MI, Christine Oldenburg-McGee, Bargaining Chair (Surgery - Acute Care), David Adams (Surgery - Bariatric Outpatient), Mary Huyck (General Medicine), Kristina Masters (Emergency Medicine), Brittney McCormack (Emergency Medicine), Alex Tiefel (General Medicine), Dan Byrd (Cardiac Surgery), Lisa Spratke (Cancer Center).