Performance Evaluation Resources

FY20 Performance Valuation Coming Soon!

The FY20 Valuation will build upon the success from the FY19 Pilot and we will be incorporating feedback from FY19 Pilot participants during the month of August.  The FY20 Valuation form will be available here in September, 2019.  Can’t wait to check it out?  See a sneak preview here!

FY19 Performance Valuation for Staff & Leadership

This Valuation form will be used by both Staff and Leadership. It focuses on the value that employees bring to Michigan Medicine and will replace the separate Staff Evaluation & Leadership Evaluation forms in FY20.  Use of this Valuation is encouraged but optional for FY19.

Michigan Medicine Performance Valuation Form A positive approach that focuses on the value employees bring to Michigan Medicine, encourages employee development, and promotes impactful conversations between Leader and Direct Report.

Survey Link – Please provide feedback if you use this Valuation.  Your feedback will inform changes for FY20.  Thank you!  (This link is also located at the end of the Valuation Form)

Instructional Videos for Performance Valuation Form Sections

1-Year Performance Management Roadmap – This roadmap provides guidance on areas of focus relating to Performance Management for each quarter.