Performance Evaluation Resources

Your FY20 Valuation is here!

The FY20 Valuation form will be used by both Staff and Leadership, and will replace the separate Staff and Leadership Evaluations used in the past. See a preview here! Evaluations currently used by bargained-for staff and faculty will not be affected by this change in FY20.  Please note that incremental changes will be made to the FY20 Valuation as more information becomes available (ex: Core Values supporting information).  Changes to process or other large changes will be rolled out during the next fiscal year.

Your FY20 Valuation

Instructional Videos for Performance Valuation Form Sections:

FY20 Valuation Change Log – This Change Log provides more details on improvements from the FY19 Pilot based on your feedback.

1-Year Performance Management Roadmap – This roadmap provides guidance on areas of focus relating to Performance Management for each quarter.

FY20 Valuation Survey – Please take 5 minutes to let us know your thoughts! We are always working on incremental changes and your feedback helps guide these changes. Thank you!

FY20 Performance Valuation Virtual Session Recording – We’ve recorded the latest FY20 Valuation information session for your reference.  Whether you attended the session or are interested in understanding more about the FY20 Valuation, this is a great place to start.