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Updated on February 12, 2024

To find answers to FAQs about how this change impacts staff, click here. For answers to FAQs about nursing specifically, click here

The Cornerstone evaluation process for Framework and RSAM nurses (excluding APRNs) officially launched in January 2024, allowing us to fully utilize the updated platform and its many upgraded features. Cornerstone's automated cadence (see diagram) assigns evaluations to nurses 60 days prior to their start date anniversaries. Nurses with start dates of March 8 or earlier should continue the fillable PDF process this time. Reminder: Temporary and Per Diem RNs will also use the Cornerstone Performance evaluation and will be linked to the Framework evaluation.

There are built-in deadlines within Cornerstone that require prompt attention. For example, after receiving the initial email, nurses have a 14-day window to select peer reviewers. Nurses who miss this deadline will need to use the manual Ad-Hoc Peer Feedback process instead, which is not streamlined within their evaluation. (Nurses who miss this deadline will need to use the manual Ad-Hoc Peer Feedback process instead (see step-by-step instructions or brief video segment starting at 1:57)). Once peer reviewers are selected, nurses can begin their self-evaluation and submit it within 24 days.

If more time is needed for reviewer selection, please submit a Cornerstone Performance Help Ticket – this must be done within the 14-day window. A ticket can also be entered to extend the overall evaluation time frame, or nurse leaders can reopen it after day 32.

Videos by Role: Unit AAs | Peers Nurse Overview | Nurse Tips & FAQs | Leader Overview | Leader Tips & FAQs | Visit the Cornerstone Help Documentation Page (login required) for step-by-step tip sheets

Since the launch of the project in September 2023, many members of the Michigan Medicine team have now accessed the updated Cornerstone Performance Management platform to set and track their yearly goals.

This change is not currently applicable to faculty or employees represented by AFSCME, IUOE, or UMST. Temporary staff are not included in this evaluation process.

As shown in the 1-year Performance Management Roadmap, for FY24, much of the overall process will be the same for Michigan Medicine staff. Goal-setting will be the main focus for employees to complete and submit during the first half of the fiscal year. Leaders and staff are encouraged to add their SMART goals for the year to Cornerstone, as these will populate automatically into the annual evaluation, making end of year evaluations much easier and more meaningful.

Resources for various features within the platform have been offered and created on a phased basis in order to align with the quarterly goals of the Performance Management Roadmap. A separate process for Framework and RSAM Nurses will be launched in January 2024. As we continue to introduce our workforce to new aspects of the platform, resources are available to help with the transition, including monthly information sessions, drop-in office hours, instructional videos, “The Wrap” podcasts, tip sheets, and other forms of training and support to assist employees through this change. For office hours Zoom links and other support resources, visit the Performance Evaluation Resources webpage.

The online process is designed to save time and streamline the performance management process and end-of-year annual evaluations. To learn more about the transition to Cornerstone Performance, visit or check out the staff FAQs or Nursing FAQs, which will be maintained and updated throughout the rollout.