Paid Time Off (PTO)

Accrual Rates for PTO

Exempt Staff Reporting PTO

Increased & Reduced PTO

PTO Accrual Reduction

When employees report a qualifying amount of extended sick and/or no-pay time in a calendar month, this may result in a loss of half or all of that month's accrual. This chart provides a list of qualifying hours per employee amount which would result in a reduction of accrual.

Incremental PTO Accrual Chart (OAP Process)

This document explains the process for determining how much PTO to add to an employees bank for consistently working over their part-time appointment.

Leaves of Absence - Exhausting PTO

Leave of Absence PTO Chart

A guide to PTO usage prior to an employee unpaid leave of absence.

PTO Annual December Load - AFSCME & Trades Bargained For Employees

PTO Annual December Load

Document reviewing annual load to PTO banks for AFSCME and Trades bargained for staff.

PTO Sell Back

Qualifying employees may sell PTO and Vacation hours at designated times of the year.

Sell Back Form

Sell Back Process & Procedures